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Located in Pigeon Forge, TN and near Gatlinburg and Sevierville.


5 Holiday Shows To Catch During Winterfest

Posted on November 21, 2017

Folks who visit the Great Smoky Mountains from November through February are always in for an extra treat, as the communities of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville host Winterfest, a four-month-long celebration of the holidays and the winter season. Each year, the area is decked out in millions of holiday lights, while each city offers visitors a wide array of special events that are related to Christmas and beyond.

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5 Things To Be Thankful For This Week

Posted on November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving is next week. We all know how that works, right? We get together with family, we stuff ourselves with turkey and all the trimmings, we manage to find just enough room for a piece (or two) of pie, and then we kick back in a drowsy stupor to watch football for the rest of the day. Of course, you then proceed to eat leftovers for at least the next three meals.

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4 Things To Do On Your Fall Smokies Vacation

Posted on November 7, 2017

Autumn is one of the best times of years to come to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Whether you're with a spouse/significant other, the whole family, friends or even a large group, there are plenty of good things around here to make any journey well worth your time. It doesn't matter if you plan to stay for just a weekend or an entire week, you'll discover plenty of cool things to do and places to see. So get ready to fill in those calendars; you can start by taking a few of these suggestions along the way:

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Winterfest Is Coming To Light Up The Smokies!

Posted on October 31, 2017

We're only a month and a half into autumn, but here in the Great Smoky Mountains, everyone's thoughts are already turning to winter. That's because we're about to kick off a four-month-long event that celebrates that season and all the holidays that fall within it. Once again, Winterfest is coming to town, and the communities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville are gearing up for one of the most popular and festive stretches of seasonal celebration in the region.

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Everybody Loves Ziplines!

Posted on October 24, 2017

When you're on vacation or a weekend getaway, it's often a challenge to find things to do that everyone in the family enjoy equally or is even capable of doing as part of the group. If you've ever found yourself in that camp, then consider ziplining as a must-do for your next trip to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

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Maximum Shopping, Minimum Travel

Posted on October 17, 2017

Most folks know that the Smoky Mountain communities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville are retail Meccas, places where you can shop for just about any type of merchandise imaginable. That may come in handy if you're planning to do some Christmas shopping in the area in the next month or so. But these towns occupy a large area (an entire county, actually), so if you only have a limited amount of time to devote to a shopping excursion, how do you go about choosing which places to visit?

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4 Great Reasons To Come To The Smokies In October

Posted on October 10, 2017

Outside the traditional summer vacation months of June, July and August, October is the busiest time of the year in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. From Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the communities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, people from all over the world descend on our little corner of the Smokies for what is generally regarded as “the other peak season.”

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Fall Colors Draw Millions To The Mountains

Posted on October 3, 2017

There are just so many great things about October. Here in the Smokies, we try to make the most of sunny days that are warm (but not too hot) and are bookended by crisp, pleasant mornings and evenings. At Smoky Mountain Ziplines, our guests get to enjoy an extra benefit – the changing colors of the foliage that blankets our mountainside outpost. Things are just getting cranked up as far as the annual transformation of colors is concerned, but in just a few weeks, it'll be prime viewing for anyone coming to check out our ziplines in Pigeon Forge.

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Dig In To 5 Great Buffet Restaurants In The Smokies

Posted on September 26, 2017

Some folks enjoy dining out for the experience of being waited on by a staff of servers and enjoying their favorite foods prepared by the hands of professional cooks and chefs. Others, however, enjoy the sheer variety of foods that a restaurant can offer and find it difficult to narrow their selections down to just an entrée and a couple of sides.

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The Five WORST Things About Ziplining

Posted on September 19, 2017

Don't get us wrong; we definitely think Smoky Mountain Ziplines is well worth the trip, whether it's your first time ziplining or your 100th. With the most exciting ways to zip line Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville have to offer, we can help turn any morning or afternoon into an adventure as you spend hours in our mountainside zipline course. You'll fly, you'll see stunning mountain views, and you might make a few new friends along the way.

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